Scotty Canaan

Scotty Canaan retired as a Chief Warrant Officer-3, after serving 25 years on the West Coast as a SEAL. He has many years of service as an instructor, training other SEALS for worldwide combat missions. He is an expert in all areas of weapons training, maritime operations, unit readiness assessments, and Sniper training.

In March of 2015, Mr. Canaan retired from active duty service, moved to the Austin area, and became a lead instructor at ATX Precision & Carbine, LLC. Scotty brings an extensive skillset, depth of knowledge, and sharp-witted sense of humor to the range. 

Nick Klein

Nick Klein served 6 years in Naval Special Warfare. After successfully qualifying as a Navy SEAL, he later completed the Range Operations Safety course and qualified as a Range Safety Officer. During his time in the SEAL Teams, he deployed to Africa three times and provided foreign partner forces with over 500 hours of high risk training to include basic marksmanship, automatic weapons, hand-to-hand, and unconventional warfare tactics.  

Nick hails from Chicago but currently lives in South Austin.  He combines a mastery of instruction with an easy-going outlook that helps all students feel comfortable on the range.  When he's not on the range you can find him trying out Austin's local hot spots looking for the best Manhattan in town.