Gear- The Simple Sling Part 2

A more in-depth look at the functionality of our sling set up for heavy precision rifles in the field.  Send us your questions and comments, we’d love to hear from you.   

Optimizing the Non-Optimal

Day ONE of my military selection and training course INDOC.  The real training would begin in a few weeks but I was finally through the medical screening and cleared to take the physical fitness test.  I was excited!  This would be the first graded event of my military career and start my reputation as an […]

White Noise Filter

Students or friends outside of the industry often ask what I think about a particular “bolt-on” gadget for the gun, gun belt, pack, or load system.  I gladly give my thoughts on the item, but hopefully the discussion continues into how I approach gear selection or evaluation.  I enjoy that aspect of the conversation much […]

The Zen of Dry Firing

Dry Spell. . . Right now may be the perfect storm of reasons not to practice.  Ammunition at a decent price is tough to find, especially match grade .308.  Match grade .300 WinMag may as well be made of gold.  Even .22LR, the usual practice round, is scarce.  Although the weather is getting better, now […]