Founder and Lead Instructor, Clayton Hergert


Founder and Lead Instructor

Clayton grew up in the panhandle of Texas, living in the rural town of Spearman and later moving to Amarillo for high school.  He began hunting and shooting at a young age, developing a lifelong passion for outdoor sports.

Early on, Clayton aspired to serve his country in military service.  This dream became a reality after college, when Clayton joined the Navy and started BUD/S training. After graduating, he qualified as a Navy SEAL in 2002.  While on active duty he spent time on both East and West Coast SEAL teams, along with a Special Boat Team.  He led men and women on multiple deployments all over the world, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Republic of Chad, and Bahrain. 


As part of his Naval Special Warfare training, he successfully completed the Range Operations Safety Course, qualifying as both a Range Safety Officer and Range Officer-in-Charge.  Later, he graduated from the rigorous USMC Scout Sniper Basic Course (MCB Quantico, Class 01-05), opening the door into the precision rifle disciplines.

In addition to instructing military and host nation personnel in marksmanship principles (pistol, carbine, and precision rifle), Clayton worked as a guest instructor at the Holland Long Range Shooting School (3 classes) in Powers, OR (also a fantastic schoolhouse!).  When he left active duty for the reserve force, he founded ATX Precision & Carbine, LLC in Austin, TX.

Clayton met his wife, Brooke, while serving in Afghanistan.  She was planning Air Assault  missions and flying CH-47 Chinook Helicopters with her unit, F Company, 159th, “Big Windy”.  They have two sons together and are active in Veteran and Gold Star Family support organizations.