Gear List ~ Precision Rifle

Recommended Gear List:

1.  Eye/ ear protection.

2.  Match grade rifle (bolt action or semi auto) capable of a 1” group at 100 yds, equipped with at least a 10x scope able to dial repeatable corrections on windage and elevation.  The curriculum supports and explains both MOA and mils.  It really is up to the shooter which unit he or she chooses to use.    Also, make sure you have a bubble level for the scope.  I can mount them for you if needed-just bring it with you to the first class.

3.  200 rnds of match grade ammunition, preferably all the same lot#, and similar to what you will carry in the field.

4.  Shooting mat/ ground pad (I will also have plenty available to loan).

5.  Bipod.  I recommend one that can adjust to cant (leg notched and/ or swivel).  Harris SBRM (6-9”) or SLM (9-14”) or an Atlas Bipod is ideal.

6.  Some sort of rear support: sand sock, rear bag, etc.  Again, we have several available to demo prior to making a purchase.

7.  Full gun cleaning kit with any special tools for your firearm (if it came with any)

8.  Sling and a small backpack (or your hunting or duty setup) to carry all your shooting equipment.  We will take some short hikes (600-800 yds) with all the gear during the field craft lessons.

9.  Food/ Water.

10.  Boots and clothing for the weather.  You will need gloves as well.  Mechanix gloves or the equivalent work well.  Just don’t use anything with hard knuckles.

11.  Knee pads (optional, but the terrain is very rocky.  Knee pads are highly recommended!).

12.  Binoculars.

13. Spotting scope/ tripod (optional, but highly recommended if you have one).  We will also have spotting scopes to loan out.

14.  We provide a notebook, but you are welcome to bring additional note taking material or even film/ photograph with your phone.  A calculator is also recommended.  Your smartphone is acceptable.

15.  Any other item you wish to test, evaluate, or work under realistic conditions.  Ballistic apps/ calculators, Laser Range Finders (LRFs), incline measuring tools, and Kestrels fall into this category.  Not required to pass the course, but the course is a great place to practice with them (or to see their limitations in some cases).

**If you have any questions regarding your setup or what to bring, please email me.  We can head off many potential issues before they sideline your shooting.  As with all our courses, gear consideration is a central portion of the curriculum.  We want you to buy what you need and what works, not what the media hype tells you to buy!**