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  • backcountry navigation

    Backcountry Navigation


    Can I find my way in the mountains efficiently?  How do I plan a stalk on an animal two thousand yards away, across the canyons?  I have a nice GPS watch, now how can I use it for backcountry navigation?

    If you ever wondered these types of questions, we have the perfect class for you!  We are taking our years of experience in military Special Operations and big game hunting to bring you a practical guide to backcountry navigation.

    We will show you the critical points of map/ compass work and then integrate them with GPS technology in this 8-hour course, all focused on applications for the performance hunter.  Additionally, we will have the Garmin rep standing by to answer your specific questions on GPS units.

    Topics include:

    • How to read a topo map and pick out terrain
    • How to read and plot a coordinate (pin)
    • Efficient route selection
    • Compass work
    • GPS set up
    • Projecting a point and how to use it in stalking, during a longer shot, or finding game after the shot
    • Tools of the trade
    • Technology integration
    • Lots of best practices learned in military service and guiding hunters

    We will provide all the class materials, compasses, protractors, and maps.  If you already own a GPS or Garmin type watch, please bring them with you.  We will have example units to use as well.

    The May 16th class and May 18th field portions have been combined into one session at Reveille Peak Ranch on Saturday, May 25th, from 9am -2pm.

    We will have a short hike, approximately 1 mile as we practice the techniques and examine terrain on the map and in person.  Dress for the weather/ sun and have plenty of water and snacks in your hiking pack.  If you own a Laser Range Finder, please bring it.  We will have several on hand as well.

  • aoudad hunt west Texas

    Free Range West Texas Aoudad Hunt


    We have free range aoudad hunts available for the 2024 and early 2025 season!

    An Aoudad hunt is very rewarding as it tests your stamina, fieldcraft, and your marksmanship. 

    These beautiful creatures live in the steep desert terrain of the West Texas mountains.  Your hunt will involve lots of glassing and moving to locate the animals.  Once we have them fixed, we will discuss a stalk plan with you and your partner.  Often this involves long movements to finally close in for the shot.

    The success rate for this very large property hovers around 80%-it is not a canned hunt!

    The standard model is two hunters at a time for a 3 day hunt.  We have a simple but clean bunkhouse with a bathroom and shower plus kitchen and patio grilling area.  It sleeps two hunters and two guides comfortably.  Meals are included and we will contact you to discuss meal planning prior to your trip.  Additionally, we will send you recommended pre-hunt training in fitness and marksmanship along with a comprehensive gear list.  We will also deliver your animal to our preferred taxidermist if desired.

    For those desiring the next level experience and preparation, we offer the Premium Hunt Training Service.  We will include a private shooting lesson in the Austin area along with another lesson once we arrive at the ranch.  Additionally, we will cover land navigation, field craft, and hunt/ animal specific training while on the hunt. 

    This is a great way to increase your confidence in the field and “on the X.”

    Premium Training Topics covered:

    • Rifle fit and ergonomics, particularly with the scope settings, eye relief, and focus
    • Zeroing and setting up your scope dials
    • Marksmanship fundamentals and field best practices for the hunt specifically
    • Environmental impacts to your shot solution
    • Ammunition selection
    • Spotting
    • Equipment considerations
    • Route selection and navigation, especially for long stalks
    • Observation techniques
    • Animal care/ caping

    Just click the Premium Training Service Add-On box on the checkout page to sign up.

    Our number one goal for all hunts is an unforgettable experience unlike any other.  The animal, the environment, and the challenge create a unique and truly epic adventure!

    Once you sign up, we will contact you right away to start building the relationship and your plan for success.

    Thank you and we look forward to hosting you!

  • precision rifle

    Precision Rifle One


    Come experience the fun of precision rifle with us- We are the premier long range shooting school in Texas! 

    All skill levels are welcome–beginners to seasoned PR shooters. We use an individualized approach to coach each person in the science of long range shooting.

    Topics covered:

    • Rifle fit and ergonomics, particularly with the scope settings, eye relief, and focus
    • Zeroing and setting up your scope dials
    • Marksmanship fundamentals and field best practices
    • Defining MOA and MRAD, explain differences and similarities
    • Environmental impacts to your shot solution
    • Data management
    • Ammunition selection
    • Setting up and using a ballistic solver app
    • Spotting
    • Equipment considerations for your intended use
    • Next steps to take on your own

    Our number one goal is a solid progression and fun, stress-free experience for each shooter.  All classes are right on the range so there is very little down time between firing strings

    We have all the shooting mats, spotting optics, target materials, and lots of extra support bags to try out.  You will need to bring your rifle, any spacers or accessories included with your rifle, 160 rounds of ammo, and a sack lunch/ water.

    When you sign up, we will email you the start times and locations along with a detailed list of gear to bring.  Our primary training venue is at Reveille Peak Ranch near Burnet, Tx.

    Thank you and we look forward to hosting you!