Precision Rifle 1


Two-day course on Precision Rifle.

$625 for the course  or $550/person when you sign up with a friend (with 2SHOOTER coupon code).

Information on the “2SHOOTER” coupon code can be found below on the description tab.

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Precision Rifle 1 Course

This is a two-day course on Precision Rifle.  Training will be conducted on the Flat Ranges, Hilltop Ranges and Precision Rifle Trail.  Distances out to 800 yards will be included as part of the curriculum, with opportunity to shoot 1000 yards and up to 1 mile.

$625 for the course  or $550/person when you sign up with a friend.

"2SHOOTER" Discount Coupon Code

If signing up with a friend, use "2SHOOTER" in the Coupon Code entry while reviewing your shopping cart with the course. Discount applies when 2 or more participants sign up together. Each person in the party may use the coupon code in separate orders as long as they annotate in the "Order Notes" who they are signing up with. If only 1 person is able to attend the PR Class, then a $75 fee for the remaining participant will be due prior to the class day as they are no longer eligible for the discounted rate.

Contact us with any questions, we want this process to be easy!

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Class Dates

Dec 9-10, Jan 13-14