Private Instruction

One-on-one private  instruction tailored to your skill level.

For those new to the sport, this is an excellent introduction in a low-stress, relaxed environment. We spend a great deal of time getting your equipment and optics adjusted properly so you can be as comfortable as possible.

For the more seasoned shooters out there, private instruction will really accelerate your skill to the next level.

Private Lessons are 4 hour blocks of instruction.  A second person may participate in the private lesson for an additional $400.

Add the private instruction day and time you would like to your cart.  To add a second shooter, check the “Additional Person” option on the checkout page.

If you need ammo, please contact us.  We often have small quantities, but pricing and brands fluctuate too much to put up on the checkout page.

Once you book a slot, we can adjust start times very easily to accommodate morning schedules or commute times–we make it easy!


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