Pack Mule

On to the meat of the series– the gear.  Remember, we are full backpack hunting for big game at 8500-10K elevation in late fall.  I will start with the weapon system.  Most of my rifles are heavy barreled, long range shooters.  I love super accurate bolt guns with big scopes that can reach out there.  I can totally nerd […]

Gear Bomb Continues. . .

Moving on to clothing systems…an incredible amount of info and research is out there on this subject.  I will stick to some basics and then list some other sources for your references.  For me, I like a really thin baselayer (Patagonia Capilene or Merino ONE’s or just an Under Armor T-shirt) up top and usually no baselayer […]

Gear Bomb

I have been able to hunt and/ or work the full spectrum from out of a truck, day hiking into the canyons all the way up to backpacking for multiple days carrying everything on my back.   A couple times I was lucky enough to go on horseback up onto the mountain and set up a base […]