Enhanced Carbine I

Our Carbine I Course will benefit both the new shooter as well as the seasoned AR-15 enthusiast.  It covers a ground up approach to off hand and kneeling shots, offering a high repetition, high round count day that is very fun and informative.  Ranges go from 10 – 50 yards throughout the 8 hours of instruction.   Additionally, we explain the details of zero range theory, proper gear selection, and maintenance for maximum reliability.  This course will lay a solid foundation in marksmanship and greatly expand the shooter’s performance with the rifle system. 


**Of note, Gear Selection is a major topic of discussion for this course.  We will examine in depth what is really necessary and what is hype.  My personal goal is to help you filter out the marketing blitz to make the right choice on setups for your intended use of the weapon system.  After shooting all day, you will have a better idea and feel for what you truly need, maximizing your system and your expenditures.