Precision Rifle One

Learn the skills of shooting at a distance on our multiple outdoor ranges. Experience the 'hole-in-one' satisfaction of connecting with a small metal plate at long ranges.  Combine marksmanship and science to achieve accuracy and precision.

Precision Rifle Trail

Join us for precision coaching and hiking through the vast Texas Hill Country.  Nine challenging shooting stages cover both medium and long range shooting scenarios in the hills, streams, and ridge lines.  Consider combining this class with Precision Rifle One for more in-depth experience.

AR-15 for Hunters

Maximize your potential in the pursuit of game and increase your hunting capabilities with the modern sporting rifle.  Available on any of our 34 different outdoor ranges.

Look for these classes coming soon:

Defensive Shotgun ~ 3 Gunner Shotgun ~ 3 Gunner AR-15 ~ Defensive Handgun

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